Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Let’s Make Your Business Accounting Simple


Accounting being a part of the smooth running of a business’ finances is irreplaceable. That is why though bookkeeping might not exactly be the favourite part of a business owner’s day, business accounting certainly cannot be given the backseat. Falling behind however, is more dangerous as then there is a pile of things that need to be done and tallying up past transactions is even more tough. Thus, if you are undaunted enough to want to tackle your accounts minus accountancy services then you should keep in mind a few pointers:

1. Separate the two

Ever heard the saying: Don’t mix business with pleasure? Well, this rings through the accounting element as well. There might be times when you want to use your business credit card as it comes in handy but it is best to avoid this urge. Though you might promise yourself that this is a personal expenditure and that you will adjust this later you might accidentally send out those personal expenditure invoices to claim against your VAT for instance. Thus, it is better to keep things simple right from the beginning. By keeping separate accounts from the beginning, you can keep a better track of income and expenditure. Also, you’ll effectively have all your deductible expenses at the same place. Even if you have not previously done this you can start doing so now as accounting is something in which you keep learning new things and implementing them is what will make the difference for your business. That is why if you have not already separated the two then set yourself to do so immediately.

2. Call for help

When in doubt is best to find out. Doshi Accountants is known to be among the top hundred UK Accounting and Taxation services firms. While it might seem noble and cheaper to get your accounts done by yourself, however, there is the legislative red tape that you need to think about. Plus, is your skimping on the accountant really providing you long-term profit or are you totalling up towards a loss? Doshi Accountants has fixed fees that are competitive and so you do not have to worry about the expense. Instead, you should consider the time that you would save which can be better utilised when you devote it to your business-related problems instead of the accountancy related ones that even an accountant can deal with you. After all, no one knows your business like you do. Thus, you are the best person when it comes to brainstorming and working towards the betterment of your business plan.

3. Keep a track

Perhaps having a look at your business financials is not something you can set aside time for every day. But you can do this same activity every week at least. If you keep a note of your expenses then you are better informed and can make wiser decisions.

4. Employees need to be paid

One of the biggest business expenses that one needs to consider is the payment to employees as that is every payroll event. When you keep a track of things you will be able to work out a better investment plan.

5. Don’t forget to track payments

When invoices pile up it gets more difficult to make payments and also gain credit. Thus, you would need to record both payments made as well as payments pending so that you have a better grip on things. The same applies to your customers as well since, some might not be paying you at once. In this case, you need to keep a record so that you have an updated list of the current outstanding.

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